Welcome to Natural Legacy USA, the natural choice for burial or cremation.

Made from Wool

Natural Legacy Caskets and Presenters use 100% biodegradable British Wool, a natural fiber from sheep tended and grazed in the United Kingdom in a manner unchanged for centuries.

Woolen Caskets

Natural Legacy Caskets are produced from pure British wool.  The woolen exteriors have a very warm, comforting appeal.  Interiors are generously fitted with soft, organic cotton.

Woolen Presenters

Natural Legacy Presenters, produced from the same natural wool used in Natural Legacy Caskets, can be used as temporary or permanent cremation urns.

Name Plates

Embroidered Name Plates offer families a unique opportunity for personalization.  Three lines of text may include meaningful designs and symbols.  Wooden toggles secure name plates to caskets or presenters.

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